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Neuromuscular diseases can cause disabling symptoms, and the medications used to treat them can come with serious side effects. If you’re seeking relief from the symptoms of certain neuromuscular diseases or from the side effects of traditional medications used for treatment, medical cannabis may be an option for you. Call Green Remedy Wellness, LLC, in Glen Burnie, Maryland, today to make an appointment or make one online with the scheduling tool.

Neuromuscular Disease Q & A

What is neuromuscular disease?

Neuromuscular disease includes a range of diseases that all affect your brain’s ability to communicate with your muscles, both consciously and unconsciously. Neuromuscular diseases typically appear gradually and will continue to grow worse over time, and many of them have no cure, requiring treatment to manage symptoms.

Doctors aren’t sure what causes most major types of neuromuscular disease, but genetics and in some extremely rare cases, exposure to environmental factors, appears to play a role.

What are the symptoms of common types of neuromuscular disease?

Neuromuscular diseases can cause spasming or paralysis, but because they affect the brain and nervous system, symptoms vary widely. Some of the most common types of neuromuscular disease include:

Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a problem in the central nervous system that causes tremors, difficulty moving, and loss of balance and posture. Symptoms often begin on one side of the body, and then spread to the other.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is a potentially disabling disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. If you have MS, your immune system will attack the protective layer, called myelin, that covers the nerve fibers your brain uses to communicate with the rest of your body. This can cause your nerves to deteriorate over time, and symptoms often include numbness or weakness in one or more parts of the body, problems with vision, tingling or pain throughout the body or seizure-like symptoms.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

ALS is a progressive disease that attacks the nervous system and causes cells to break down and die. It’s sometimes known as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the baseball player who died of the disease. ALS often includes symptoms like difficulty walking or diminished motor control in your hands, slurred speech, and trouble communicating. ALS does not affect your senses or thinking ability.

How are neuromuscular diseases treated?

Since many forms of neuromuscular disease, including the three listed above, can’t be cured, treatment is focused primarily on managing symptoms. Traditionally, this is done with a wide variety of medications, but what type of medication depends on which form of neuromuscular disease you have, and on what your symptoms are like. These medications can be effective but also can cause a variety of side effects.

Medical cannabis can be effective for managing symptoms of neuromuscular disease, providing relief from seizures and pain, and problems with motion. In addition to these benefits, it can also relieve the side effects of some common medications used to treat neuromuscular conditions. Talk to your practitioner about what your symptoms are to learn more about how medical cannabis can help you.

If you have a question about medical cannabis or about neuromuscular disease, call Green Remedy Wellness, LLC, Well or make an appointment online.